Why Choose FlippingMag

Easy to use, easy to edit, easy to distribute

Engage readers more easily

FlippingMag provides all-in-one solution to turn PDF document into interactive flipbook with animated rich media. The amazing reading experience help pubilshers engage readers more easily. We take your current print or PDF brochure and make it come alive.


Increase reach

Once published, your Magazines will be available to millions of readers. You retain full control by allocating access rights. The HTML5 publishing ensure your publication display smoothly on mobile devices. Readers can access your magazine anywhere anytime.

Know your audience better

Track your readers’ in-publication behavior – live! FlippingMag Statistics module offers you detailed insight into your reader behavior, allowing you to see the data of page views, time spent on pages, link clicks and much more, including a geographical overview of where your readers are based around the world.


Reduce budget & cost

The digital publishing solution, once your magazine published, it can be viewed by readers all over the world. Not printing cost needed any more.

Abundant pre-made templates

The pre-made templates make FlippingMag really easy to use. There are hundreds of ready made magazine/brochure templates for different industries. Every one can make a professional issue easily even you don't have knowledgy of design and coding.


Work for
many Companies.

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